Projects using LIEF

Name Language Link Topic Summarize
youarespecial Python Machine Learning Machine learning models on Malwares
gym-malware Python Machine Learning Learn how to bypass AV through machine learning.
MISP Python Malware Malware Information Sharing Platform and Threat Sharing
Virus Disinfector KIT Python Malware Tool to disinfect PE files

Similar Projects

Name Language Link
filebytes Python
angr/cle Python
pypeelf Python



Name Language Link Format Summarize
Dress Python ELF Add static symbols
objconv C++ ELF/PE/MachO Format converter
PEDetour C++ PE Hook exported functions
python-elf Python ELF ELF binary format manipulation
PEDetour C++ PE Hook exported functions
libmaelf C ELF Library for Dissect and Infect ELF Binaries.
peinjector C PE MITM PE file infector
backdoor factory C++ ELF/PE/MachO Patch PE, ELF, Mach-O binaries with shellcode
RePEconstruct C PE PE Unpacker
patchkit Python ELF Patch binary
unstrip Python ELF Unstrip static binary
sym2elf Python ELF Export IDA’s symbols to the original binary
elfhash C ELF Manipulate ELF’s hash
recomposer Python PE Change some parts of a PE ile in order to bypass Antivirus
bearparser C++ PE Portable Executable parsing library with a GUI
IAT patcher C++ PE IAT hooking application
PEframe Python PE PE Static analyzer
Manalyze C++ PE PE Static analyzer
elf-dissector C++ ELF Tool to inspect ELF files
InfectPE C++ PE Inject code into PE file
termux-elf-cleaner C++ ELF Utility to remove unused ELF sections causing warnings.
vdexExtractor C VDEX Extract DEX from VDEX
insert_dylib C Mach-O Insert a dylib load command
optool Obj-C Mach-O Modify Mach-O commands: Resign, insert commands, …